Black Men Reunited

In times of desperate need true leaders will emerge. Traditionally and historically, men have led the way while assuming the risks as they protect each other, their families and communities. It is time for the brothers to reunite. The Black Community needs you, now!

We are our brother's keeper!

The Black Community has long been a powerful village and it's here to stay. We come from a strong lineage of kings and queens, inventors, pioneers and trailblazers, visionaries, seers and healers, lovers and warriors. It's time we remember who we are and where we come from. It's time to restore the Kingdom with our brothers at the head. Together we must unify, uplift and empower each other, rebuild and move forward.

When was the last time actively sought out an opportunity to collaborate with and work next to your fellow brother? You may be thinking "we can't, we don't, we won't...." But the bottom line is WE ARE. Just look around you. Think of who and what brought you to this site at this very moment. It was likely another brother who thought you'd find this platform and the work we're doing beneficial. I am proud to be a part of a group of Black Men who've joined forces for the greater good of changing the current state of despair, struggle, poverty, violence, and sorrow the Black Community is too often overwhelmed with. We ARE doing the work and we are doing it together.

Unifying with other Black Men has already been impactful as we continue to broadcast live meetings and create a safe space where we can all come together and be transparent, authentic and vulnerable without judgment.

Working together shows unity, understanding, and strength. We have to be invested in each other’s success and wellbeing. The time is now brothers! The power is in our hands and more importantly, in our minds. There's power in numbers as it helps amplify our voices and magnify our strengths. We are historically some of the most well-rounded, powerful beings on earth and it's time we behave in a way that represents and edifies the Gods we are, the God within us. We are mighty men! Though we are in a country strategically set up against us, surrounded by a society which makes a point to beat and keep us down with their knees on our necks, we have the means to overcome, especially when we unify. Be encouraged.

Far too many black men are killing each other, our youth are killing each other and themselves, too many of us are in prisons and it's all being done by design. This means we have to be just as strategic in undoing what's been done against us, and unlearning the lies we've been told, the lies we've accepted. We have to forgive ourselves and each other, brothers. It's time for a paradigm shift, a change in the way we think, see and process the world around us. It's time we see each other as true brothers, partners, helpers, friends and family. Replace the spirit of envy with praise. Replace the spirit of pride with passion. Replace the spirit of hate with love. We are all in this together and our children are watching and depending on us. Our women are waiting for us to step up and lead the way. We must respect ourselves and each other so we may respect our women, children, families and communities.

I encourage you to keep your head up. I encourage you to join our community, For Black Men. I encourage you to bring other brothers who need support, who need healing, and are looking for a way out and a way up. This is a space for us and it will be what we make it. Take advantage of the opportunities you'll gain from this brotherhood. We are builders, makers, entrepreneurs, innovators, therapists, fathers, sons, husbands. We are men who are committed to leading our people to a higher ground, a more conscious way of thinking, a more inspiring way of living. We are committed to doing the work together and we hope you will join us.

Together we will grow...

About the Author

Christopher Timberlake is an entrepreneur and the author of Speak What You Seek. He is dedicated to uplifting individuals that are willing to expand their mind and soul. As a man who has had his share of personal setbacks and hurdles to overcome, he is a walking testimony of the power of faith and determination. Christopher is a dedicated father, devoted son and God fearing man. He resides in Philadelphia, PA.

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